A Day in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

First things first. You will need to know the meaning behind the name of your neighborhood. In 1968, what was formerly known as Lefferts Manor was turned into Prospect Lefferts Garden, a combination of Prospect Park, Lefferts Manor and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Hence the name. It’s always the little tidbits that make you understand your surroundings, and appreciate their tweaks, and endurance. PLG is one of Brooklyn’s vastly growing neighborhoods, with art associations like LinRoFORMA revitalizing formerly drab streets (e.g. the captivating Lincoln Road) into artist havens.

PLG Coffee House and Tavern

Like most of Brooklyn, the existence of a good coffee shop in your own neighborhood… is of utter importance. The PLG Coffee House and Tavern provides some of the best overall coffee house experiences in NYC. First off, the vibe is super chill, yet vibrant in the morning. Secondly, everything – from the coffee beans to the lettuce – is organically produced. Lastly, the place carries many Brooklyn-made products: the bagels are from Terrace Bagels, pastries from Colson Patisserie and the coffee from Kitten Coffee.



Diverse dining abound – plenty of Caribbean bakeries and restaurants dot the streets in PLG. There’s also a newbie called Kulushkät (“Shut up and Eat”) an organic Middle Eastern eatery that has become one of the more popular spots in your area. The restaurant samples bits from a variety of Middle Eastern countries – e.g. Israeli salad or a classic falafel or burrekas. But don’t – I repeat, DON’T – pass up the chance at the falafel, specifically the Gilly falafel (Kulushkät's own concoction of mushrooms, spinach and spices.)

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

So as a newbie, the most natural attraction (since it is after all part of your neighborhood’s name) – is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The botanical oasis, located in Prospect Park, straddles your nabe’s borders. Opened in 1910, the garden has been a staple of Brooklyn and one of the finest botanical gardens in the country. There are numerous specialty gardens within, like the Steinhardt Conservatory, which houses the C.V. Starr Bonsai Museum, three climate-themed plant pavilions and a glass aquatic plant house. In total, there are nearly 10,000 types of plants. That’s great news, as you now know how you will be spending the next few months’ weekend afternoons.


Le Point

The shopping scene in the area is slowly progressing, with small thrift shops like Le Point proving to be a gem. The modest storefront may appear like another Brooklyn consignment shop, but there are many great buys you’ll find here. You will have to dig deep, but you’ll be able to find designer dresses or shirts for under $10. If you are lucky, you could land a Tod’s handbag for $7 (otherwise retailing for more than $1,000). You have to, have to visit this little thrift shop.

A Night in Prospect Lefferts Gardens



The heart and soul of you newest home is its community, and its Caribbean influences, which brings you to MangoSeed. The eatery specializes in gourmet Caribbean cuisine with standout dishes like mango pico de gallo jerk salmon, jerk fish tacos, goat roti, and, of course, braised ox tail. But MangoSeed is proof that Caribbean cuisine is more than jerk chicken. It is their service, the friendly demeanor and welcoming hospitality that are sure to turn you into a regular.


The Owl Music Parlor

You may have already taken in some live acts before dinner, but there’s nothing like going to The Owl Music Parlor, located at 497 Rogers Avenue. The music venue, which only serves beer and wine, features all types of live music – from small orchestras to acoustical guitar to violinists. More importantly, many of these acts could be your neighbor! The Owl also promotes locals artists’ work, displaying their latest artwork on its walls.

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The craft cocktail scene has hit the neighborhood with a vengeance in recent years. So locals have tonight guided you to Parkside, PLG’s best bar visit for a great drink. The low-lit space with exposed brick walls instantly calms you. Then you have a drink and everything is unworldly. The top concoctions under this roof are the Jungle Bird, a mixture of Campari, pineapple, lime and rum; and the bourbon-based Fancy Free. Parkside also offers top-notch gourmet pizza like their mushroom variety (with truffle burrata, ricotta and porcini mushrooms).

Words by Arte Vincent

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