A Day in Sutton Place

In a city so large, there’s a place so small and powerful that you would be amazed it exists. The petite stretch by the 59th Street Bridge and the East River is home to a cozy, affluent enclave known as Sutton Place. The area is also home to business tycoons, and a New York City spot rich in pop culture history. The homes in Sutton Place, from townhouses to condo and co-op buildings, have some of the highest price tags in the city. Rentals are equally as expensive. The Sutton Place area also has a reputation for being one of the cleanest and quietest parts of the city. The modest borders of Sutton Place stretch from East 59th street to East 53rd Street, north to south, stretching from 1st Avenue to the west and ending at the East River to the east.

Financier Patisserie

First established in 2002 in the Financial District, the Financier Patisserie has become a mainstay in Sutton Place in recent years. Yes, the bakery does offer the classic French almond cake — and it gives a complimentary mini financier when you make a purchase. The French bakery also cooks up some of the best coffee you will have in New York City to pair with your morning pastries.


Kiss My Slice Pizza

There’s pretty much a pizzeria on every block in Manhattan, so deciding on which is the best – might be a pretty difficult task. In 2013, new wave pizzeria Kiss My Slice Pizza was established in Sutton Place, quickly becoming a popular destination for the area’s residents. Consistency and stellar customer service are both a major draw, but it’s the thin crust traditional pies that have earned Kiss My Slice a place on the list of top lunch spots in the area.

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Sutton Place Park

You’ll love starting your days at Sutton Place Park South. The small park on the East River offers incredibly scenic views of Long Island City and the 59th Street Bridge. The promenade gives residents a relaxing escape to walk, sit and meditate. The park holds a special place in the world of Americana. Woody Allen’s movie “Manhattan” is set right in the middle of Sutton Place – the lead actors (Diane Keaton and Woody Allen) sit on a bench that overlooks the 59th Street Bridge.


Pop culture tour

Some of the most influential people have lived or currently live in Sutton Place – from Michael Jackson, to Sigourney Weaver, Kenneth Cole and Aristotle Onassis. The American pop culture utterly infuses the neighborhood – making you decide to take a pop culture tour of the area. A defunct heliport at 60th Street and Sutton Place was the site where Tony Montana visited New York City in Scarface. In Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, Charlie Sheen’s character Bud Fox is given a tour of the high-rise apartments along Sutton Place. J.D. Salinger mentions Sutton Place in the book “Catcher in the Rye” as a treasured location of a “swanky” apartment. One of the main exteriors for Marilyn Monroe’s “How to Marry a Millionaire” was shot at 36 Sutton Place South.

A Night in Sutton Place


Bistro Vendome

The fact that you are living in one of the most affluent parts of the city runs concurrent with the likelihood of you finding some of the best restaurants in the city here. There’s Rosa Mexicano, Morocco’s Best Cooking and Il Valentino Osteria. This evening, you opt for the delightful and delectable Bistro Vendome. The French eatery is a brainchild of longtime Manhattan chef Pascal Petiteau. The restaurant offers signature Gallic classics with a modern twist such as roasted Maine sea scallops over orzo and porcini risotto. Naturally, while you’re at it, you may want to indulge in some moules-frites and escargots as well. With a sprawling skylight and light wood chairs and tables, the decor is reminiscent of the French countryside. Ooh la la.

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Sutton Bar Room

The nightlife in Sutton Place is pretty uneventful, given how the neighborhood is one of the more quiet parts of the city. But that won’t stop Sutton Bar Room from serving up some great cocktails. The old-school New York City dive features live bands on a regular basis, and offers some tasty spirits. Some of my favorites include Old Boreen (Bushmills Irish Whiskey with lemon juice, St. Germain and muddled cucumber), the Cucumber Basil Gimlet (cucumber and basil infused Hendricks Gin with fresh lime juice) and the Jalapeño Margarita.

Words by Arte Vincent

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