A Day in Cobble Hill

The best start to a day in Cobble Hill is to indulge in the many French breakfast choices at your disposal. You may want to take this statement at face value, being that it comes from someone who's been living and working in Cobble Hill for... years. A local, if you wish.

Cafe Luluc

The best start to a day in Cobble Hill is to indulge in the many French breakfast choices at your disposal. Cafe Luluc has the pancakes that had been voted one of the best in the country. That fact alone is a reason good enough for me to check out this French eatery. They also serve some really good coffee to wake your senses.


Trader Joe's

You can’t eat out all the time, so ready yourself for some of the best grocery shopping in Brooklyn, and head over to the famed Trader Joe’s. Their Cobble Hill location is probably the best of all (liking that Brooklyn bias, anyone?) for its decor alone. The place is gigantic, and occupies the former South Brooklyn Savings Institution. The prices and food are unmatched. Brace for the lines though, because even during the week, in early afternoon, they near reach out the door.


Sam’s Steaks and Chops

With all the meat loving you have gone through at Mile End – you’d think you had enough. But you can’t pass by Sam’s Steaks and Chops without going inside. The storefront is a Cobble Hill institution, and has some of the best cuts of meat you can find prepared in this petite neighborhood. Be prepared here because the owners are no-nonsense old-time Brooklynites. For your cheese and meats, also check out Stinky Brooklyn, Staubitz Market and Paisanos.


Idlewild Books

Outside of Brooklyn Heights, the biggest literary playground is set in Cobble Hill. There’s a large contingent of writers and aspiring artists here, and they all converge in the neighborhood (the centerpiece for many years had been the beloved and defunct BookCourt that only recently closed, after somehow miraculously surviving the downfall of paper books in the digital era). But there remain specialty book shops like Idlewild Books at the corner of Court and Warren streets. The shop doubles as a language school, and features mainstream and children’s books in French, Spanish, Italian and German.


Sackett Street Writers' Workshop

Everyone knows that living in Cobble Hill is about being creative with words. This is a writer’s neighborhood. And since you have been writing (love poems?) for some time, you decide you want to sharpen your writing skills. Take a class or five at the Sackett Street Writers' Workshop. Since 2002, this workshop has grown to one of the biggest and best in the country. Some 3,000 writers have studied there since the place opened its doors, and alumni have published some 81 books. Of course, if your schedule gets hectic, they even offer online courses.

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Damascus Bakery and Pastry Shop

It may be early for pastries – especially after a huge breakfast – but this is the best time to stop by Damascus Bakery and Pastry Shop. The lines aren’t long at this hour, and everything is still fresh. Everything is baked on site and they make the best spinach pies. You could stock up for the week without having to wait.


Mile End Delicatessen

All the food you have been browsing through at Trader Joe’s has now officially gotten to your stomach and you realize how well the lunch is deserved. You need something quick to get your day moving along, and you make your way over to Mile End Delicatessen, easily the best sandwich shop in the whole of Brooklyn. Explore the varied smoked meats to create your dream sub, or venture into ordering New York’s best Poutine (gravy, cheese and fries).


Ideal Properties Group

One thing’s for sure. The real property in Cobble Hill is better than any in the city. The brownstones, the carriage houses and the townhouses are second to none. So dream up your dream home, and venture into the offices of Ideal Properties Group, and take one of our friendly staff members by the hand to show you a few of these pristine homes. Or, yes, you guessed it, engage in some serious real estate porn shopping! Our windows are full of beautiful homes, all of them displayed for your visual and shopping pleasure.



Shopping choices in Cobble Hill abound. As you walk the streets you notice the boutique shops mixed with commercial favorites. The best privately owned clothing shop is Article&, which specializes in women’s fashions. There’s also the ultra popular Urban Outfitters and a little further down on Atlantic on the Boerum Hill border – Upper 90, possibly the best soccer apparel store you will ever find. If you dig deeper you will discover places like Free People and vintage shops like Buffalo Exchange. This is when it totally hits you. You don’t need to travel to Manhattan to shop.

A Night in Cobble Hill



You brain now really needs some great food. What better than Battersby and their veal sweetbreads, or venison tartare? Make your reservation, because the place gets packed quickly.


Henry Public

The night takes you to Henry Public and you are instantly taken back in time. The bar plays up the old Brooklyn style saloon to perfection, minus the pretentiousness. The cocktails are delicious and affordable so be adventurous and go for the Kings County Sour. The star here is their turkey leg sandwich, but since you may still be full from dinner – continue the adventurous streak and order one to go. Have it for lunch the next day. It’s even better. Of course, it will stand the test of time better if you remember to refrigerate it.

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Cobble Hill Cinemas

The building jolts your attention as you walk up to it. Cobble Hill Cinemas is a visual party, inside and out. Painted portraits of classical movie actors stand in place of windows. Your night out just jumped two-fold. The theater has been a mainstay for most of the 20th century, home of the double-feature in the 1960’s. Today you make the journey to view some of the best indie features on one of its five screens.


The Brooklyn Inn

As the night winds down, you make your way to the ultimate neighborhood bar: The Brooklyn Inn. There’s no real theme here, just a stronghold of regular customers that mirror those from Cheers. The bar is one of the oldest Brooklyn bar (at nearly 100 years old), and it's void of karaoke and a jukebox. You could end the night on a peaceful note with an ice cold Miller High Life.

Words by Arte Vincent

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