A Day in Hell's Kitchen

The beauty of Hell’s Kitchen is best summarized in the fact that this NYC neighborhood’s famed mascot is Marvel’s Daredevil. Prior to zoning changes, the area used to be a truly rugged land with deteriorating landscape. Today, there’s a long list of celebrity residents all around Hell’s Kitchen, including the likes of Larry David and John Goodman. So there’s hope that your acting career could still take off. 

Pier 84

The sights of Pier 84 are absolutely breathtaking at night, and equally impressive during your morning walks. The sun gleams off the high-rises to wake you up as you stroll the boardwalk along the West Side Highway. But there's more than just a friendly stroll in this river pier park. There’s a dog walk, a water fountain, a picnic area and access to kayaks. At this time of day, there’s ample opportunity to catch a cruise on the NY Circle Line. Today, as you ease into your new setting, you take in the picturesque sunrise.


Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

The centerpiece of Hell’s Kitchen is easily seen from the shoreline on the West Side Highway. The iconic Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum has long been a marvel for visitors and locals alike. The floating museum, which was founded in 1982, showcases the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, the submarine USS Growler, a Concorde SST, a Lockheed A-12 supersonic reconnaissance plane and the Space Shuttle Enterprise. The visitors get an up-close experience with the military power of the United States with more than 10 fighter jets on display.


Museum of Art and Design

A little north of your neighborhood you’ll find a mention-worthy resident cultural attraction. The Museum of Art and Design, located at Columbus Circle, is a marvel of a museum as it celebrates the beauty of design and its impact on the lives in the city. The museum explores the interior design innovations as well as architectural exploits. There’s even a smaller exhibit that displays ceramic kitchen products such as a ceramic muddle or even a ceramic hammer. Yet other displays (e.g. Sonic Arcade: Shopping Space with Sound) showcase unique performing objects that may seem far-fetched to use but are fully functioning.

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Frisson Espresso

The creative designs of the lattes will not only draw you in but change your mornings forever. Don’t underestimate the modest setting, the decision to try Frisson Espresso is lite-changing. For the thousands of coffee shops in the city, this one features artistic and friendly baristas. Still, it’s the food that steals the show here: caneles (a traditional French pastry), the mini pecan pies, and lots of gluten-free pastries.


Bar Bacon

The trouble with eating in Hell’s Kitchen is finding the right place that suits you. There are so many spots that spread from your new NYC neighborhood and into Theater District. You could have plenty of choices at the famed Gotham West Market, for instance. But the hands-down winner for the first day in the neighborhood is Bar Bacon. The eatery and pub is dedicated to everything bacon. There’s bacon sliders, a bacon tasting plate, bacon nachos and a lamb bacon Reuben. If you feel compelled to stumble in on their brunch, you must have their bourbon & bacon cornbread.


Walking entertainment tour

Since the heart of the Theater District is only a stone throw’s away, it’s no surprise that Hell’s Kitchen is an entertainment hub as well. You could find it easy to design your own walking entertainment tour. Start from the CBS Broadcast Center at 524 West 57th Street. The former Sony Music Studios was at 480 West 54th Street, another possibly interesting stop on your list. The Montel Williams Show is recorded at the Unitel Studios at 433 West 53rd Street. The biggest resident in the area is The Daily Show, which is recorded at 733 11th Avenue. The final big name in the immediate area is the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. A little further west is the epicenter of entertainment: the gigantic and ever-growing Jacob Javitz Convention Center. The convention center hosts the popular New York Comic Con and the New York Auto Show.

A Night in Hell's Kitchen



Dinner will be a challenge to settle on as there’s spots like Totto Ramen and Nizza in your sights. But there’s an open table at Dave Pasternack's heralded Esca and you can’t pass up a chance to eat there in your first days in the neighborhood. The restaurant is co-run by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich, delivering on all cylinders for fish lovers. The James Beard award-winning Pasternack focuses the trattoria’s menu on the uniquely Italian take on seafood. There’s an entire crudo section with more than 15 choices that include kingfish and Hidden Fjord Salmon.


Rudy’s Bar & Grill

Rudy’s Bar & Grill is a popular dive bar made famous by the three-foot pig greeting guests at its entrance. The plush red oval booths give the bar a unique feel. Don’t get discouraged by the somewhat downtrodden surroundings – this bar offers some killer drinks and strong beers. If you happen to be craving more specialized drinks, make a trip to The Pony Bar.

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Havana Social

The nightlife in Hell’s Kitchen has grown to grand proportions. There’s hundreds of bars and live music venues to choose from. It turns out that tonight you are in a mood for something Spanish. Havana Social is the choice of choices to crown the day. The drinks are fantastic – please try the house-made sangria – but it’s the environment that gives this place its character – it’s like you truly are in an authentic Cuban club. There’s always music blaring at Havana Social, as well as live bands to get your vibes going.

Words by Arte Vincent

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