A Day in Kips Bay

The life in Kips Bay is a welcome change from the bustling New York City. Your new neighborhood is magically secluded from the rest of Manhattan — there’s no subway car that can get you here! The waterside atmosphere, in tandem with seclusion, gives you a much-needed sense of escape as you listen to the distant sounds of motorboats from the balcony of your high-rise apartment.  

Stuyvesant Cove Park

Kips Bay may be by far the quietest part of the city, which is exactly what drew you to it. Reason more to find yourself starting your Kips Bay day at Stuyvesant Cove Park. The park’s boardwalk promenade meanders along the East River, exposing you to swelling views of Brooklyn and Queens as well as the Ed Koch Bridge. The biggest attraction are the park’s plants and shrubbery, a wide variety of plants native solely to Manhattan. Delightful little touches like the outdoor stage and gazebos, as well as the park’s environmental educational center Solar 1, complete Stuyvesant Cove’s magical offerings.



The beauty of Kips Bay is best seen from its two polar opposites, marketplaces Kalustyan’s and Todaro Brothers. The first spot has been around since 1944. Kalustyan’s specializes in Indian goods and products from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Germany and Lebanon. There are so many spices to choose from and they even carry some hard-to-find items like French curry, beet powder and carrageenan. In the end, at Kalustyan’s, you’ll be surrounded by more than 4,000 international products to scan. Todaro Brothers is an Italian marketplace that offers more than 100 varieties of cheese. Their deli department takes pride in a delectable array of charcuterie from prosciutto, to Serrano ham, and cotechino.


Modern Pinball NYC

With the success of Barcade, the rise of retro video game stores has rapidly flourished. For the Kips Bay lover of the gaming nostalgia, head over to the Modern Pinball NYC. The pinball arcade has been spotlighted in the Wall Street Journal, NBC’s Today, Fox News and CNN as the area’s cherished geeky getaway. From Star Trek to Games of Thrones, the games in here are so plentiful that you may end up dizzy. The place gets very busy, given how even schools use it place for field trips.

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Gila’s Nosh

The Mediterranean flavors at Gila’s Nosh are possibly the best recipe to a great morning. You can never go wrong with the smoked Nova Scotia lox on toasted pita points. Even better, you may want to savor the perfectly prepared Shake da Shuka, the spot’s take on the famous Mediterranean dish made of two sunny side eggs baked in a tomato stew. If you are looking for something more classic, you can always go for the choice of French toast and/or pancakes.


Luu’s Baguette

You had an Asian breakfast, so naturally, you are now headed for a Vietnamese lunch. The grub at Luu’s Baguette is the Viet community favorite, and the spot’s reliable service is sure to make this an enjoyable mid-day retreat. The sandwiches are the hit at Luu’s. The restaurant’s signature Banh Mi Dac Biet (BBQ port, cured pork salami, pork roll, pickled carrots and radish with cucumbers, cilantro, mayo, soy and pork liver pate) will blow your mind. There’s also the Banh Mi Xiu Mai (think the Dac Biet and add Vietnamese meatballs).

A Night in Kips Bay


The Water Club

There are definitely some hidden gems in Kips Bay that you need to check out, but the best dining spot, hands-down, is the floating eatery The Water Club. For nearly 40 years, the restaurant has been the destination for a romantic on a quest for classic American fare. The place is gigantic, with three party rooms, enhanced by the restaurant’s fireplace in the lobby, and the majestic views of the East River.


Waterfront Ale House

The night is still young so, naturally, you want to keep it going. Conveniently enough, near the drop-off spot from your evening cruise is the Waterfront Ale House. The bar specializes in BBQ flavors, and excellent beers. If you’re in the mood for something tamer, head over to the Albion, which features a great selection of Belgium beers. There’s also another local favorite you may want to explore – The Gem Saloon dive bar and its beautifully laid back atmosphere.

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Marco Polo Cruises

The East River is nearby, affording you ample opportunities to sail. If you feel like partying while sailing, the Marco Polo Cruises can offer the ultimate nightlife experience. The popular city cruise line offers three-hour tours of the city, replete with a full bar, dance floor and DJ playing music. Imagine your evening… sipping on champagne as you circle around the Statue of Liberty and cruise past the Freedom Tower.

Words by Arte Vincent

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